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Company Profile China's largest B2C Internet operation service provider — factory integrated with more than 5,000 foreign trade supply capabilities and rapid delivery capabilities for 100,000 conventional products, meanwhile, with the ability of real-time inventory updates.

  • 5000000Parcels
  • 99987SKU
  • 5000Distribution Center
  • 1000Happy Customers
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    • If the problem cannot be solved, can't further communicate and solve it?

      Directly communicate with our manager (engaged in dorpshipping business for more than 5 years), and provide the final solution as quickly as possible

    • No one responds to the after-sales problem of the order, or the processing is slow?

      10mins rapid feedback during working hours, 24 hours guarantee.

    • Can't contact the agent to solve urgent problems?

      10mins rapid feedback during working hours, 24 hours guarantee.

    • Can't negotiate a mutually beneficial price?

      After understanding your product order requirements, your exclusive agent will spend a lot of time finding the best factory and price for you, and sharing the best price under the premise of ensuring quality
      And according to your different promotion stages, continue to follow up the factory, try to get better prices to help you promote.

    • No one cares about you because of the small number of orders?

      Regardless of the number of orders, you will have your exclusive agent, provide dropshipping service, and there is no minimum order quantity (except for customized products)